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Keeping pace with the rapid changes in evidence-based critical care medicine is a challenge for specialty-trained intensivists; for non-intensivists, the challenge of staying up to date may be overwhelming. This cutting-edge CME course is intended to provide core clinical critical-care skills to health care providers who are not trained as intensivists but whose clinical duties involve taking care of critically ill patients. 

The focus of this course will be to highlight recent important evidence-based advances in the practice of modern critical care medicine. The topics include a variety of intensive care issues, such as mechanical ventilation, ultrasound, family meetings, shock and vasopressors, toxicology, sedation, delirium, ARDS, bleeding and transfusions, infections, antimicrobials and cardiopulmonary arrest.

Our outstanding faculty, recognized as experts in the field, will use diverse teaching methodologies including: didactic sessions, interactive case-based discussions, Q&As and direct hands-on simulation, procedural and clinical management practice sessions. These sessions will assess your reasoning and strategies for incorporating, synthesizing and applying core critical knowledge.

Communication Symposium:
A Workshop to Improve Communication in Your ICU

Thursday, Sept. 14th
2:00pm – 6:30pm

Workshop to Improve Communications in your ICU


Quality care of critically ill patients is not just dependent on clinical expertise but also, and perhaps even more importantly, communication skills and empathy. Fortunately both can be taught and learned. Join us for this highly interactive and multidisciplinary workshop to discover how to improve patient-centered care and communication in your ICU. This workshop is open to all intensive care unit providers: nurses, advanced practitioners, pharmacists, social workers, physical therapists, respiratory therapists, and physicians. By drawing on each other’s experiences and engaging in facilitated dialogue, you will walk away with tangible strategies to overcome communication challenges to improve care, at all levels, of patients in the ICU. You will also learn strategies to effectively engage patients and families in the ICU and mindfulness techniques for enhancing empathic communication. Register now as this highly interactive and engaging workshop is almost sold out!


Advanced Echo Workshops

Friday, Sept. 15th
6pm – 7pm and 7pm – 8pm
Advanced Echo Workshop
Basic critical care echocardiography is an essential skill for management of critically ill patients. Point-of-care echocardiography is key in the rapid assessment of the hypotensive patient, allowing for evaluation of cardiac function, tamponade and volume status. At this workshop, you will receive hands-on, individualized critical care echo training. You will also learn and practice the basic views in focused critical care echo on live patient models. Discover how to improve patient care in your ICU by integrating focused echo into your bedside evaluation. Don’t miss this unique opportunity. Registration is limited in order to ensure ample practice time and instructor attention.

Simulation and Skills Lab Workshop at BIDMC

Sunday, Sept. 17th
8am – 1:15pm

Simulation and Skills Lab Workshop at BIDMC


Test out the skills you learned during the course in our state-of-the-art simulation center. During this highly energetic and interactive hands-on workshop, you will work in a team to take care of an ICU patient during a high-fidelity critical care simulation. You will learn and practice how to place hemodialysis lines and learn tips for ensuring proper venous placement. Plus, learn pleural procedures from an interventional pulmonary expert and hone your airway management skills under the expert guidance of an anesthesiologist and a respiratory therapist. Our multidisciplinary group of trained educators will bring you a high-yield and interactive educational experience that you cannot miss. Register now, as space is limited!