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This program will be offered again Sept. 23-26, 2020.

Keeping pace with the rapid changes in evidence-based critical care medicine is difficult for specialty-trained intensivists; for non-intensivists, the challenge of staying up to date can be overwhelming. This cutting-edge CME course is intended to provide core clinical critical-care skills to health care providers who are not trained as intensivists but whose clinical duties involve taking care of critically ill patients. The focus of this course will be to highlight recent important evidence-based advances in the practice of modern critical care medicine and leave the audience with tangible strategies to immediately improve their practices.

Our outstanding faculty, recognized as experts in the field, will use diverse teaching methodologies including: didactic sessions, interactive case-based discussions, Q&A sessions, panel discussions and hands-on procedure teaching. These sessions will test your clinical reasoning and leave you with strategies for incorporating, synthesizing and applying core critical knowledge to your intensive care practice.

Master the skills you need to practice modern critical care medicine by customizing your learning experience

Choose from a variety of specific-population workshops that are included in your tuition, or take advantage of the hands-on and advanced training sessions to enhance your medical and procedural skills. The following intensive care problems and techniques will be addressed in this comprehensive course:

  • Mechanical ventilation and patient-ventilator interactions
  • ECMO
  • Point-of-care ultrasound utilization in the ICU
  • Sepsis
  • End-of-life care in the ICU
  • Shock and vasopressors
  • Hemorrhagic shock and massive transfusion protocols
  • Care of the post-cardiac-arrest patient
  • ARDS
  • Infections and antimicrobials
  • Toxidromes

(Early registration is encouraged due to limited space in all workshops)
Troubleshooting the Ventilator:
A Hands-On Live Ventilator Demonstration to Move Your Knowledge from Plateau to Peak

4 sessions available – limit 12 per workshop 
Workshop 1: Wednesday, Sept. 18 @ 7am–8am
Workshop 2: Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 7am–8am
Workshop 3 Friday, Sept. 20 @ 7am–8am
NEW! Workshop 4 Friday, Sept. 20 @ 2pm – 3pm

Ventilator Management

This is a hands-on ventilator workshop where learners can build  upon the principles of mechanical ventilation “at the bedside.”  Small groups of learners will be individually instructed by expert faculty including physicians and respiratory therapists. You will work through real patient cases, using high-fidelity test lungs and a ventilator, with a focus on patient-ventilator interactions, ventilator troubleshooting and pearls for ventilator waveform analysis. Registration is limited due to the hands-on nature of this workshop.

Critical Care Ultrasound 101:
A Hands-On Workshop for Ultrasound Novices

2 sessions available – limit 35 per workshop 
Workshop 1: Friday, Sept. 20 @ 2pm–6pm
Workshop 2: Saturday, Sept. 21 @ 8am–12pm

This course will provide ultrasound novices with tips, tricks and skills to evaluate decompensating patients in the ICU. Groups are small to facilitate one-on-one attention from faculty as you practice image acquisition and interpretation on live models.  You will practice basic cardiac echo for point-of-care evaluation to determine cardiac function, right heart strain, tamponade and volume assessments, as well as basic pleural ultrasound skills to detect a pneumothorax, pleural effusion and pulmonary edema. You will walk away with improved comfort and confidence to start using the ultrasound in the ICU. This is a beginner course designed for those with little to no ultrasound experience.

Critical Care Procedures: Hands-On Workshop

2 sessions available – limit 50 per workshop 
Workshop 1: Wednesday, Sept. 18 @ 12:40pm–2:40pm
Workshop 2: Thursday, Sept. 19 @ 12:45pm–2:45pm

Critical Care Procedures

During this course, you will receive individualized instruction in a variety of critical care procedures, with a special focus on ultrasound use. Participants will have the opportunity to learn ultrasound basics and practice use of ultrasound for central venous catheterization at multiple sites (internal jugular, subclavian, femoral), peripheral IV insertion and arterial line placement. Ultrasound-guided paracentesis, chest tube placement, IO insertion and lumbar puncture will also be taught on high-fidelity task trainers during this interactive hands-on. Registration is limited to maximize instructor-to-learner ratios. Learners of all levels are welcome, as individual instruction is tailored to the needs of the learner by highly skilled and experienced teachers.